Race Wear Hats

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At a marriage ceremony, all eyes are generally on the new bride just because it is her special day. However, it does not mean that the mom of that bride would remain out of any fashion. The mothers or any aged relatives of brides now no longer eager to stay as ordinary women; they want to beautify themselves with the perfectly embellished dress. And this fact is realized by Comotion Fashion Boutique.

Our designers always create cute mother of the bride outfits, as they consider the modern Women’s fashion for the races. You will surely get amazed at the lovely dresses that we design for all the mothers as well as grandmothers of the would-be bride or groom.

Get tips on what design suit your figure

We try to design Women’s fashion for the races and we are admired by all those, who have curvy figure. We set out to generate a huge collection of mother-of the bride costumes that are affordable, and have the accents of luxury and glamour. Not sure of what design will fit your body? Then, our experienced fashion consultants will surely give you tips. So, get the right answers to any question about your unique mother-of-the-bride dress.
Straps or sleeves- we design everything for Womens fashion for the races

If you have the idea to add some unique style of straps and sleeves, then tell it. You will you to have either sleeveless dress or the gown with long or short sleeve. According to the choice of your sleeve, we design the neckline as well as the shape of the overall dress.

We also concentrate on color while we deal with Women’s fashion for the races. When the bride has selected a bright emerald theme for her marriage, we may suggest you to avoid bright pink or red colors. So, let our dressmakers apply the elegant color and subtlety on your dress.